Audio/Video Intercom Systems

Security and Protection for your Properties

Enterprise Service Group installs a wide range of industry leading Audio Intercom Systems, Video Intercom Systems, Telephone Entry Systems, and Smartphone Compatible Intercom Systems. Top of the line products along with our expert installation technicians will insure years of security and protection.

ESG Systems

At Enterprise Service Group, we are proud to introduce our brand new systems to you. ESG Systems are designed to meet all of your needs. ESG intercom systems feature:

  • High Sensitivity.  
  • A Special amplifier design that provides clear audio in both directions.  
  • It can be operated with two different door releases.  
  • An adjustable volume and door release timer, etc. 

ESG-350 vestibule panel can be used with any kind of intercom system. ESG-500 (unit), ESG-600 (handset) and ESG-800 (doorman) are the fully automatic intercom systems, equipped with a self-test feature that allows you to check your system whenever you wish, and it informs a service technician of the exact location of the troubleshooting zone. Also, you have the option of changing any code or name whenever you wish as well as altering the ring-up and communication time.  ESG-700 (unit) and ESG-900 (handset) semi-automatic intercom systems have options unlike any other intercom system. We also manufacture brand new masterpieces described as follows:

  • E.S.Guard: An electronic board for the roof alarms. Can be used with or without passive infrared intrusion detector.
  • ESG-ML: A special timer for the magnetic lock. 
  • ESG-701: An electronic board that automatically disconnects a shorted line.


Telephone Entry Systems

The larger the building, the more specialized the access control requirements are. Supported by an extensive line of telephone entry systems, you can work with an ESG technician to design a fully customized solution for unparalleled access control to your building. For safety and security purposes, our products for apartment buildings and college residence halls are designed to control access into and, in some cases, within the building, giving you full customization of your access control plan. Our products (as applicable) are tested to UL safety standards and are ETL listed, adding another level of safety.



Video Intercom Systems

Often, property owners have unique buildings with mixed-use environments and want a streamlined, sophisticated way to provide an all-encompassing security solution throughout their entire complex. With a variety of sleek and modern entry, tenant and guard stations, it’s easy to meet the security needs of the building and the budget. When tenants change, property managers can make directory updates directly to the system using NFC technology or logging in remotely using a VPN.


video monitor

Smartphone Intercom Systems

Whatever your application scenarios, ESG has an answer. Our smartphone intercom solutions are widely used by projects, large or small, in various vertical markets to allow more people to take advantage of smart living and working easily. In tackling business challenges like enhancing productivity and resource efficiency, smart intercom solutions have come into play, bringing together voice, video, security, access control, and more.


smart panel

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