High Security Hardware

Our company provides service with high quality and high security products. We use High Security Vandal-Proof screws to protect Mortise Locks, Hinges, Keyswitches and "Exit" Push Buttons. At the same time, we use and supply Mul-T-Lock cylinders. With every Mul-T-Lock cylinder we provide a Keyorder-an individually coded control card that guarantees your security when you need to duplicate keys.


1. Tens of thousands of key combinations, controlled by computer are available.
2. The key control system is highly restricted.
3. All cylinders are pick-resistant.
4. All cylinders are drill-resistant.
5. All cylinders can be integrated into a keyed-alike system.
6. All cylinders can be integrated into a large, multi-level master key system.
7. All cylinders have a long life span due to the nickel silver and stainless steel pin mechanisms.
8. There is a wide range of replacement cylinders.
9. Shackle protectors and/or hasps improve the security of padlocks.
10. A conventional key cutting machine cannot duplicate the extra strong reversible key.

All hardware, which we provide on our doors, will be installed with stainless steel, high security tamper-proof screws. If we install stainless steel, vandal resistant Intercom lobby panels inside our lightside or storefront, we run all wires inside the frame. We also provide top quality, high security door openers and magnetic locks.

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