This is a vandal proof stainless steel vestibule panel equipped with a 12 push-button vandal resistant keypad that is compatible with any other kind of intercom systems. This vestibule panel can be used for buildings with a capacity of up to 256 apartments. 

Ring-Up Through Code!

The ESG-350 vestibule panel can be customized with three options: 

  • A vestibule panel with directory, or
  • A vestibule panel with bright back light LCD, or
  • A vestibule panel with directory and LED Numeric Display for identification code number 
Engraving on the vestibule panel could be: 
  • Address of the building.
  • Directory for users.
  • Name and telephone number of the installation company.
Option: Vestibule panel directory can be furnished with the following engraved plastic strips: 
  • Tenant's Code and Name, or
  • Tenant's Apartment Number and Code, or
  • Tenant's Name, Apartment Number and Code.

Customized size vestibule panel including flush, semi-surface or surface mount with vandal-proof  mounting screw. Each vestibule panel can be completed with the electronic board, 45 OMH Mylar speaker and microphone (if needed). 
Enterprise Service Group, Inc. reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice in price, color, materials, components, equipment, specifications and models (also with discontinued models). 

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